What do we have today?

In January, 2011 we had meeting of directors board. We decide to draw the line in our activity and to see the projects what we make. In consideration took part only such projects, which have good clarity in scientific case.

Today we have next projects:


1. Innovative technologies for search and survey of mineral deposits

   a) GeoNMR method for search and survey of mineral deposits

   b) Innovative electrostatic method for mineral prospecting


2. Physics of high energy

   a) Equipment for cleaning of gaseous waste, reduction of content of harmful substances by means of using pulse corona discharge

   b) Equipment for treatment of fluid foodstuff on the basic of the high voltage pulsed electric fields (cold pasteurization)

   c) Device for homogenization by means of cavitation effect

   d) Generator of pulses with amplitude up to 1 MV and radiated energy per pulse more than 100 J (stopping of a vehicle on a distance)

   e) Fuel Converter with using of corona discharge


3. Innovative technologies of silicon production

   a) Acidic purification of silicon

   b) Production of nanosilicon of 9N purity


4. Pharmaceuticals

   a) Anti-cancer drug "Genesis 1"

   b)  Shungit water

   c) Sorbent "Genesis"

   d) Liquid to prevent of alopecia (hair loss)